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DPS Group is trusted by many of Scotland’s distilleries to produce electrical, control, and instrumentation solutions.

The paperless ATEX system (Transform) we used for Loch Lomond Distillery allows clients to streamline administration. We believe clients who work with DPS Group have the potential to save up to 40%. 

As part of the set-up, our team conducted a comprehensive site survey building up a highly accurate asset register giving a clear picture of the equipment across the entire site.

A tailored inspection package was devised for management approval, after which our team then began inspections based on a clear understanding of the areas of high risk and priority.

Whilst this was being carried out each asset underwent an independent risk assessment resulting in a reinspection schedule based on condition, location and risk.

It is this bespoke schedule which allows cost reduction in future years without comprising safety.

Using a completely digital asset register means that information is always up to date, and always available because it is updated in real-time. This is useful for identifying problems earlier, and better planning schedules for remedial works.

Our system supports root cause analysis to determine common faults. We can then help clients plan in when issues could arise. Such an approach has an immediate benefit in terms of increased productivity.

Link to https://dp-sgroup.co.uk/case_studies/paperless-atex-inspections-for-loch-lomond-distillery/