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Frequently Asked Questions…

There are a number of questions that we regularly get asked about our software. Here are just a few of them. If you have a question that isn’t answered below then please use the form to ask us about anything you are unsure of.

What Hardware does Transform run on?

Our current recommended requirements are as follows:

Client PC Specification

IBM Compatible PC: P4 2.0GHZ (or equivalent); 8GB RAM; 1GB free Disk Space


Server Specification

IBM Compatible PC: Pentium Xeon 3.0GHz (or equivalent); 16GB RAM; 10GB free Disk Space with disk redundancy configured in a RAID array.

These specifications assume that the server is dedicated to Transform (recommended configuration). Transform can be placed on a shared server, however the following points should be considered:

  • The specification of the server may need to be increased to allow for the resource usage of other applictions.
  • At times of increased or heavy activity, other applications may impact on the performance of the Transform system.
  • The availability of the Transform system may be reduced due to downtime resulting from routine or exceptional maintainance of other applications.


The minimum server configuration is based on a maximum of 5 users, connected via a 100Mbps local area network (LAN).


How does the licensing work?

At Terrington we offer a clear and simple pricing model with no hidden costs. We offer two deployment options, these being: On-Premise where the client buys a perpetual licence for a one off cost per user plus an annual support fee; and Hosted (Software as a service). Where the client subscribes on an annual basis to use the software that is then managed by Terrington. The subscription fee is based on the number of users and is inclusive of hsoting and support costs. Terrington does not charge a licence fee for the mobile App and nor does it charge by RFID tag. 

Do you need a constant Wifi connection to use the handheld?

You only need access to the Wifi when uploading and downloading, there meaning that the handheld can be used anywhere on site