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Give visibility to all that need it

Work Management

One of the great advantages of IndEx is the ability to create workflows. This means that jobs can be allocated to specifically skilled engineers who can then pass an existing job to other engineers with a different skill set. For instance if an inspection takes place by and electrical engineer that a hydraulic pipe is leaking then the electrical engineer can create a workflow for that hydraulic engineer to look at the leak. The job can then be tracked from within IndEx to ensure that it is completed. The job could then be passed back to allow and electrical engineer to complete his tasks. 

Data visible for reports

Once data is entered in to IndEx either via a tablet or PC, it is immediately available to report on. The tablet makes it possible to update and check previous records on a piece of equipment at the point of inspection. Once the engineer is back in an area with a WIFI signal it is possible to immediately upload the new data back to IndEx ready for reporting.

Removes guess work

When a task is allocated which requires an inspection or work on a particular piece of equipment then the history for that equipment is made available on the tablet. This allows the engineer to see what other work has been carried out and if an issue has occurred before. This allows for tasks to be completed quickly and more efficiently by presenting the full history the engineer. 

Visibility to all that need it

There are so many reasons to welcome visibility of your asset data. In particular you can ensure that all of your assets are getting the attention that they need and nothing is getting overlooked. With each asset having its own NFC tag it can easily be identified in the IndEx database. The database is also capable of holding images and documents that pertain to that asset meaning everything is in the same place for full visibility.  

 The NFC tagging process also has the advantage of allowing you to build a full asset list ensuring that no items are missed from your inventory. You can also use the same process to tag and account for non ATEX 137 compliant assets such as office equipment. 

Fully customisable forms

When you first start using IndEx you are presented with a set of template form which will allow you to collect the data needed to comply with ATEX 137. However these forms are fully customisable. This means that you can collect data for your assets that may be used for other compliance or tracking purposes. Our team are more than happy to speak to you about IndEx can meet more than just your ATEX needs.